Choosing the right Christian School for your family is a big deal.

For nearly 40 years, teachers at Central Christian Academy has been dedicated to training the next generation of Christian leaders. From classrooms to chapel, our entire curriculum is focused on building our students to have a heart for God. Families have been choosing CCA based on our balanced approach to education. 

  • Academic Excellence
  • Experienced and Caring Teachers
  • K4 through 12th grade classes
  • Fine Arts and Music Program
  • Competitive Sports 
  • Affordable Tuition 

Academic Excellence.
Preparation for Life.

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher who focuses on the needs of each individual student. At CCA, we have a team of educators dedicated to continual growth – educational growth and spiritual growth, both personally and for our students. We choose from a variety of curricula to best meet the needs of our learners. We also utilize placement tests upon enrollment so we know how best to teach our students.

Your family will benefit from a distinctive Christian School.


Our classrooms are friendly, and provide a safe, and secure learning environment for your children. Here in the classroom is where learning is accomplished and leaders are trained. Our qualified teachers lead their students in a kind, yet firm, manner in order to maintain a productive and happy learning environment each day. Each of our faculty is a member of Central Baptist Church, or another local Bible-believing church, and is committed to the cause of Christian education.


Central Christian Academy uses only the finest Christian school curriculum, books, and materials. As a testament to our commitment to academic excellences, CCA students consistently score well above the national average on yearly administered standardized achievement tests. Additionally, CCA offers a full college preparatory high-school schedule to adequately prepare students to further their education. 


School is a time for learning and for godly friendships to develop. In every aspect of the school day, whether English class, handbell choir or a basketball game, our desire is to see students love God and His Word. The Bible is our foundation. Although no school can guarantee spiritual greatness in students, we work to provide an atmosphere that encourages spiritual growth. Central Christian Academy strives to be free from the worldly influences and philosophy that often hinder students in other environments.


Competitive Sports Program

The competitive sports program at Central Christian seeks to foster discipline, skill, sportsmanship and godly character — both on and off the court. Throughout the school year, students have the opportunity to participate in the soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross-country and flag football.

Training the Next Generation of

Christian Leaders for over 35 years.


At CCA, students receive a realistic view of history, government, geography, and economics based upon the foundational truths of the Scriptures.


Reading and Writing

Our elementary students love the experience of learning how to read! Phonics is the most logical and orderly way to introduce reading to children.


Mathematics is the language God used in His creation of the universe, and thus it is logical, orderly, beautiful, and very practical in the sciences, and in daily life. 


Middle school and high school students at CCA have the opportunity to participate in our grade-specific competitive sports program, including soccer, volleyball and basketball. We also offer basketball and cross-country at elementary levels.

Science and Technology

Students can choose from advanced subject science courses, such as biology, physics and chemistry. As well as technology electives that help prepare students for college and the workforce. 

Bible Class and Chapel

We are unashamedly Christian in every aspect. Students will have the opportunity to grow in the Lord through daily Bible classes and weekly chapels. 

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